Interiors and retail agency ALM, embodies Marjolaine Leray’s creative and attentive imagination. It first launched in 2007 at the top of a hill above Saint Tropez overlooking the medieval village of Ramatuelle. The Ramatuelle location is of special importance to Marjolaine as it is where she grew up, so it made sense to open her studio and three European-based galleries for ALM all in the same location, nested in a Petit Chateau. Marjolaine claims the rural setting is crucial to keeping herself and her unconventionally-inclined team grounded.

Fast-forward to 2018 where Marjolaine’s agency ALM has evolved and expanded, with the opening of her first Australian agency and showroom located in the leafy suburb of Woollahra in Sydney’s east. ALM has found the perfect neighbourhood for Marjolaine’s personal and eclectic collection, introducing new designers for the first time to Australia and plans to represent more unique artists she comes across along her travels.


ALM in Ramatuelle is made up of three entities which coincide with and support one another: three galleries with ever-changing exhibitions and eclectic art and furniture pieces, a chateau loft for fabrics and furnishings and a design agency which is filled to the brim with fanciful objects and eccentric quirk.

The studio takes on a limited number of projects every year, none of which look alike. Marjolaine explains that with each assignment they “start with a blank page” and endeavour to push the boundaries whilst still paying close attention to the requirements of the client.

ALM in Sydney welcomes India Mahdavi, La Manufacture Cogolin and Marjolaine’s own collection among others.


ALM has an impressive international portfolio including site locations in London, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, USA and of course France. Projects range from houses, restaurants, hotels... in the words of Marjolaine "everything that brings life.” 

A select number of projects have been featured in the press with some privately briefed by clients.