Corni’s vast and impressive artistic portfolio; inclusive of oil painting, metal work, and sculpting; showcases his incredible perspective and flare which set him apart in the field of photography. His post production digital painting technique, homage to his original training in painting, enables him to enhance the plasticity of shape.

In addition to his career as an advertising photographer, he continues his artistic research by focussing on the human body. In "Adoperabili" (2009) he explores the female body as an object, while in the ongoing "Apnea" project, a series of portraits in water, the submerged human body becomes a metaphor for the apneas of everyday life.

Corni's images lead to many levels of sensory and intellectual investigation.

Works in the "Adoperabili" series have been purchased by the Boghossioan Foundation in Brussels. With "Apnea", he received the honorable mention at Codice MIA in 2016.




The work of James King is permeated by a sense of tangible optimism and nostalgia, born of his reality in the idyllic hinterland of Australia’s Southern Highlands.

Playfulness and quirk are typical of his pieces which champion a variety of different subject matters. King often uses discarded books as canvas, deliberately obscuring the title and its contents whilst still maintaining subtle links.

Travel has had a huge influence on his most recent exhibitions, from the arid landscape of the Australian outback, the back streets of Japan, through to the mecca of mid-century architecture of Palm Springs.




Winckler has had an impressive entry to the artistic world stage. Following her extensive studies at various fine arts academies she graced the studios of prestigious furniture designer Cassina, Patricia Urquiola’s in Milan, and India Mahdavi.

Working alongside, arguably the two leading figures of today’s contemporary design, Winckler has accomplished incredible feats; her portfolio boasting a hand in the Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona, the Cloître in Arles, the Sketch in London, and furthermore work for high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton, Baccarat, and Petite Friture.

Winckler opened her own design studio in 2016 whereby her rich creative language is showcased in her output of contemporary designs and artistic works. The artist claims that “nothing has more soul, nobility and elegance than an object entirely made by a person” no doubt a belief indoctrinated by her being granddaughter to a artisanal craftsman and wool refiner.

ALM is happy to have shown the work of this talented young designer who offers an elegant yet simple approach to objects.




The renowned Armstrong will be exhibiting for the first time this year.

This supremely talented artist gained notoriety from having her work humbly feature on the wall of a interior covered in Vogue Living.

The magic of this Melbourne based abstract expressionist comes from her ability to capture intersecting moments of raw emotion and honesty, which subtly references her own life experiences. The Artist has professed that through her work she is “working towards just a tiny slither of self-understanding and growth.”

Armstrong’s hugely personal approach makes her work incredibly approachable and engrossing and we are very enthused to have her debut with us this year.




José Nicolas started his photography career working for a local newspaper and the humanitarian organization Médecins du Monde, for which he followed Bernard Kouchner to Kurdistan, Afghanistan, China Sea and Lebanon.

For the next 12 years he has been working for "Sipa-Press", a Parisian agency who led him to cover many international conflicts: the Tchad; the Liberian war in 1990; the Lebanese war from 1984 to 1986; the Romanian Revolution in 1989; Bosnia from 1991 to 1996; Somalia in 1992-93 and Rwanda.

In 1996, José Nicolas started working as an independent photographer for both the press and the publishing industry. He delivers today a very personal photographic work.